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About Therapy fees for psychological services are competitively priced. There is a set full hourly consultation rate which is explained at the time of booking. If you need more than an hour this can be discussed with your psychologist.

There are set rates for psychological assessments and report writing.

Forensic and insurance report writing costs are dependent upon the type of report request but are very competively priced using APS recomded fee schedule.

Contact About Therapy on 46 555 728 or to book an appointment.

About Therapy staff are registered Medicare providers which allows eligible patients with a GP referral to claim back a portion of their fees which reduces the out of pocket costs. Rebates are processed on the spot so that costs are returned to your account at the time.

HICAPPS is available to enable private health fund members to process rebates on the spot.

Medicare benefits can now be paid for psychological consultations provided by an allied health professional. Patients must be referred by a general practitioner and managed through Mental Health Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program. Benefits can be claimed for up to 10 visits per year. For further information contact your local Medicare Office or the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) on 132 150 or visit

Workcover. We have psychologists available to see patients through Workcover. You will need a referral from your GP.

EAP. Our team are are registered with several Employee Assistance Programs enabling elible patients to access services covered by their employer.

NDIS, Our team are able to offer services covered under the NDIS.

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