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About Therapy staff are trained to assess and treat a range of problem areas including:

  • Anxiety, chronic worry, OCD, panic, phobias and severe fears that interfere with daily living
  • Depression, persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness and lack of energy or purpose
  • Relationship and partner issues, trouble making or keeping satisfying relationships
  • Communication problems, troubles communicating with others and/or making friends
  • Intimacy and sexual difficulties, including low desire, and problems with intimacy, connection, avoidance or infidelity
  • Parenting, parent-child communication problems and/or setting effective limits
  • Child behavioural and emotional problems, at home and/or school
  • Troubled adolescents, including withdrawal from family and friends, poor performance and self-destructive behaviours
  • Self harm, suicide and other self-destructive behaviours
  • Eating disorders, including body dysmorphic disorders, anorexia, bulimia and overeating
  • Grief and loss, including bereavement and coping with life threatening illnesses
  • Anger, dealing with rage and/or problems with physical abuse
  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, pornography, prostitution and/or other compulsions
  • Trauma, problems that follow witnessing or experiencing traumatic events
  • Blended family, separation, post-separation and issues arising from family breakdown or formation.
  • Abuse, including emotional, physical and sexual abuse in childhood or as an adult
  • Identity issues, issues arising due to sexuality, developmental life cycle or change and loss.
  • Stress management and performance issues, at work, home and/or school
  • Personal development and lifestyle management, including problems with confidence and self esteem, job and career issues and/or dissatisfaction with life in general
  • Life-cycle challenges and transitions, including difficulties adjusting to marriage, divorce, pregnancy and childbirth, ageing parents, retirement, death and other major life events
  • Mental health issues
  • Educational, cognitive, intellectual or developmental concerns in children and adolescents.

We also provide court reports, academic and developmental assessments, clinical supervision, group work, training and other consultative services.

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